infoMicroFin was born out of years of association with the Microfinance industry, where, as investors, the founders had the opportunity to understand the pain points of operations in the Microfinance lending industry.
Based on the experience gained, we understood that the challenges could be broken into three main areas: Setup, Operations, and Growth.
infoMicroFin's own strategy and growth plans are derived based on how we will grow alongside the MFI industry from Setup to Operations and their Growth phases.
Established in August 2017, we launched our first version of Cloud-based Lending Platform in April 2018. Today we have 18 MFI’s onboard, GLP of 2500 Crores, 500,000 borrowers and the platform enables 1000 branch operations across 75 cities including a few international customers. We are also happy that others have identified our lending platform as a scalable solution for their operations, which has led to the platform being used to build new microfinance solutions for newer segments like student microfinance applications.
Our quest for improving credit access doesn't end with the lending platform and we are committed to delivering newer platforms to enable commerce and also strengthen access to capital to the MFI's through an upcoming investment platform.